I need a second to get myself back together

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The realest people don’t have a lot of friends. Tupac (via phuckindope)

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Being a nice person is so fun

Waiter messes something up? You can see the relief on their faces when you don’t scream and swear at them about it

Extra tickets at an arcade/prize place? Watch a little kid’s face light up when you give them a bunch of tickets

There are too many assholes in this world. Be a nice person.

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*drinks water to avoid talking*

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Dick little but my right arm big

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*tries to chill*

*accidentally does the most*

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i actually feed on intelligence

i love it when people know a lot about a lot of things

about music, films, religion, beliefs, history

i love listening to peoples opinions 

i love big words

i want to suck in all these smart things like a sponge

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